C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e TR15626101
CH InVolo Worth The Trip Graycaz Ona Promise Geanzger Magic Gift Geanzger Magic Touch Geanzger Lady Butterfly REG. NAME: TITLES: REG. #: TR48581901 BREED: PAPILLON COLOR: White, Black and Tan BIRTH DATE: 00/00/0000 SEX: F ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Signed: CH InVolo Just Our Two Cents Worth BREEDER(S): Michael S. & Donna G. & Gia G. Garofalo OWNER: Michael S. & Donna G. & Gia G. Garofalo CO-OWNER: Ringlands Tom Thumb At Flutterbyes CH Flutterbye Chesney Tussalud Classic Tale CH Kvar Josandre' Tripoly TN25429001
CH Kvar Touch of Josandre' CH Josandre' Peggy Sue TC246357
CH Josandre' Patty Jo BIS/BISS CH Loteki Supernatural Being CH Cadaga InVolo Standing Ovation TM66531302
CH Clearlake Prima at Cadaga CH InVolo Standing Room Only TP06211302
CH Dunromin Peter CH Josandre' Penny Princess TC420851
Josandre' Tiffany Star Eng CH Inixia Anthony Eng CH Graycaz Othello Lordsrake Ultramarine At Graycaz Rimzim Orlando Graycaz Eng CH Blackpark Buccaneer Blackpark Tutyak Miss Kirsty Eng CH Blackpark Georgio Of Lorenzo Eng CH Inixia Anthony Eng CH Graycaz Othello Geanzger Sofine Graycaz Lordsrake Ultramarine At Graycaz I certify that the information contained herein is accurate: Date